Our staff can assist with floral tributes from family and friends. A wide variety of selections are available that can be displayed at the service, ceremony or visitation.


Flowers communicate without words. Because each flower has a different meaning, sending a bouquet with specially chosen blossoms is a special way to communicate.

Daffodils — “You are the only one”
Daisy — “Innocence”
Dogwood — “Love undiminished by adversity”
Forget-me-not — “True love”
Gladiolus — “Strength of character”
Hydrangeas — “Thank you for understanding me”
Ivy — “Wedded love, fidelity”
Marigold — “Grief”
Pink carnations — “I’ll never forget you”
Red and white roses together — “Unity”
Red chrysanthemums — “Love”
Rose — “Love”
Tulip — “Declaration of love”
White lily — “Sweetness”
Zinnias — “Thoughts of absent friends”

When ordering your floral tribute, tell the florist about the person you are honoring and he or she will help you create a meaningful and memorable arrangement.


While anything is possible when it comes to floral arrangements, florists commonly use the following designs for sympathy arrangements.

A casket spray (sometimes known as a casket blanket or cover) is the arrangement placed on the top of the casket. The family closest to the deceased usually purchases it.
A spray is the most common arrangement ordered. The flowers are designed for viewing from one side only. Sprays can vary in shape and size and are usually displayed on an easel.

An inside piece (sometimes known as an insert piece) is the term used to describe the small floral designs placed inside the casket (for example, pillows, hearts or small bouquets). Close family members or special loved ones usually order this type of arrangement. Ask the family before ordering anything for the caskets
A wreath is circular in design and considered by many to symbolize eternal life.
A floral arrangement is a mix of fresh flowers in a vase, basket or other container.
Other floral designs can represent an organizational tribute (for example, a Masonic lodge) or a religious tribute (for example, a cross). Heart-shaped designs are also quite popular.
Plants are longer lasting tributes that the family will keep after the service.